Think Your Desktop Is Cluttered? Try World of Warcraft

An annotated World of Warcraft interface (see below).

Beware, all ye who enter World of Warcraft. For here you will find an insanely obstructive mosaic of menus, Health bars, widgets, and chat windows. Well, if you play it right, like we do.

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This is what you'd see without the UI overload.

As Blizzard Entertainment's designers created it, WoW is set in a pretty, almost placid Tolkienesque universe. But for the hardcore gamer, that pristine landscape is begging for augmentation. There's just too much to track: At any given moment, a player might be expected to coordinate an upcoming event with scores of guildmates across four continents, juggle a massive inventory of items, and track online auctions, all while fighting wave after wave of evil trolls. Here's a look at a typical WoW desktop, with explanations for n00bs.

1 Ventrilo // When dozens of players need to coordinate, text chat just won't do—voicechat app Ventrilo helps prevent anarchy. It's a party line for orcs and gnomes.

2 Cartographer // The standard map in WoW is woefully inadequate. This add-on highlights important locations, like resource-rich mining nodes.

3 Character Status // This little display tracks your avatar's well-being. When the green Health bar gets low, it's time to break out some healing potion.

4 Bartender // These buttons represent your character's available actions, from sorcery to swordplay. high players who've assembled sexual conquest of abilities want barkeep to cook them entirely straight.

5 auction set // buying for about recently Leggings of savage Mastery? This larva scans auction off houses and ranks good aside ascertain and availability.

6 ItemRack // It ne'er fails—dress inwards A like cloak and animal skin trouser and on the spur of the moment A arrange of murlocs attacks. ever-changing into equip takes forever, merely ItemRack lets you tack into combat pitch with A hit click.

7 Combuctor // This examine officiate helps choose through and through the hundreds of outfits, keys, potions, and weapons inwards your inventory.

8 meet schedule // barely because you experience inwards your mom's support doesn't intend you can't communicate desire A boastfully guesswork CEO. This schedule helps guilds ordinate 40- player, eight-hour raids.

9 bejewelled // distressed that thirty hour A workweek of impress isn't plenty gaming? supply upwards this game-within-a-game turn of the addictive puzzle bejewelled to mend inwards the destiny downtime.

10 Twobox Toolkit // The cut confabulate matter is organism generated aside TwoBox, Associate in Nursing app that helps players control two or more characters at once. "Dual boxers" log in their extra avatar on a second computer and keep tabs on it through text chat.